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The Work of Working For Yourself.

I write. But I also administrate.

It started with a simple question: “When was the last time you updated your website?“ It was a random ask from a random LinkedIn contact. Was it a sales pitch? Someone pointing out a typo? Who knows? What I do know is that it gave me a mini panic attack.


Truth is, it had been a few months. I didn’t have a splashy new piece of content to showcase, or a new client to add to the roster. I’d just been churning along, doing the actual work – in this case, brochures, case studies, and the kind of things that no one comes to your portfolio site to see.


Your core task is just that.

But it doesn’t mean you don’t have other ones.


This simple question not only spurred me to action, but it reminded me – and let this be a warning to other freelancers – that part of the work is marketing yourself. Social. Networking. Events. Keeping in touch with clients. And yes, regularly updating your website – even if it’s just a new blog or refreshing some images. Like the other “administrative tasks,” these things aren’t always fun – and therefore very easy to push aside. 


BUT. When you go back in and start to look at your work, to choose which pieces to showcase, and decide what best represents you, it gives you a boost. A reminder. Some perspective on what you’ve accomplished, and why you love it. I found myself smiling at past headlines, nodding at solid design, and mentally patting myself on the back for the work I’ve been fortunate enough to produce for my clients. 


So yes. My site is now up-to-date, as is the calendar reminder to remind me to regularly stop and take a look at WHY I do what I do. 


Also? No typos. 

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Kwame DeRoche