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The ONE Thing You’re Doing That’s Ruining Your Business.

Stop it. Right now. No, really.


You’re still doing it.




*in Ferris Bueller voice* Go on. GO.


What is it? Trusting your business to random posts that introduce some problem you’re definitely having, and then promise to fix with some cookie-cutter advice from some pseudo-journalist or consultant. Crowdsourcing your logo design on LinkedIn. Basically changing anything you do for your business, based on something you read on the internet. 



Sounds pretty dumb when I put it that way, doesn’t it?


Look. I’m going to assume that you have some business acumen. You’re doing something right that’s probably not the first in a series of other things you’ve done right. You got decent grades, nailed an interview or two, have some responsibility and experience under your belt.



  • Don’t sit around waiting for someone external to your daily struggles to magically write a blog post or a BuzzFeed quiz that fixes everything.
  • Dial into your industry. Your business. The hallway outside where your office would be if you weren’t convinced into an open office plan by that blog post.
  • If you hired people, count on your people. If you can’t count on your people, GET NEW PEOPLE. 

Don’t run your business like a 17-year-old looking for sex tips in Cosmo. Don’t panic that the world is passing you by because you didn’t think of #FoodTruckFriday first. Just do what you did to get here in the first place. Trust yourself. Pay attention. Use your skills and talents. Recognize the same in the people you work with. Easy peasy.


The short version? You want to fix your business? You want to change the world? Do it from the inside out.


Now really, go.


*chicka chikaaaaaaaa*


© 2016 by Kwame DeRoché