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If Content Is King, What Does That Make You?



If you’re marketing anything these days, it’s all about the content – finding it, pushing it, sharing it, owning it. You’ve got content managers and content management systems. You’re always on the lookout for good content. And yes, you’ve been known to utter the phrase “content is king” in meetings and at events.

But if content is king, how do you prevent ending up the joker?

You’ve been dealt a good hand – you’ve got a great product or service with great selling points and a great track record. You’ve stuck the buttons on your homepage, but you don’t know your Twitter from your Tumblr, and even if you do, writing for them isn’t as simple as listing out some bullet points. You quickly realize that gaining traction isn’t easy.

You also are fully aware that you should have a blog. But, do you have a unique point of view? Does it tie back to your product or service? Can you share it in an engaging, entertaining way that will get the reader forwarding it to his friends or calling her colleagues in from the next cube over? Hmm. Similar conclusion. This is hard.

You’ve got decades of content on your website. But some of it’s outdated. Some is difficult to comprehend. And some, -- well, some is just plain bad. How do you refresh it? How do you draw people in to specific pages? Your content manager can raise the red flag, but who has the time and talent to fix it all?

And how, for the love of all that’s holy, does your product or service’s content translate over to Facebook? Or LinkedIn? What have you got to make the reader click that holy grail of social media validation, the THUMBS UP? *shoulder shrug*

This is right around the time you realize that you may call it content, but it’s actually a story. It’s the right words to the right people. It’s an emotional connection made possible by a smart turn of phrase and a nugget of truth, and powerful enough to get people to act.

It’s great writing.

From the three-paragraph blog to the 140-character tweet, it’s writing. Captions on your Instagram? Writing. Witty retort on Tumblr? Writing.

And guess what – chances are you are not a writer. And that’s what’s making it so hard. That’s why no one responds to you on Twitter. That’s why besides your Mom, you’re not getting many visitors to your blog page.

So maybe, just maybe, it’s time to shuffle the deck. To bring in a pro. One who’s written for social media practically before it was called social media. A professional who’s made a career of delivering the right words to the right people.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Let’s talk.

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