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Don’t Do It Because You Should. Do It Because It's Fun.

Blogging on a schedule might be the thing killing your blogging efforts.

I love to read. I always have. But as a kid, I hated ASSIGNED reading. If I happened to pick up Tom Sawyer or Catch-22 on my own, I’m sure I would have enjoyed them (as I did later in life). But as soon as a teacher said I had to complete X chapters per night, I completely checked out.


The point? Even when you love something,

if someone is making you do it, it’s not as fun.



I work with a number of clients on social media and content strategy. And one of the top requests is a robust calendar that ensures that tweets, blogs, and infographics all go out on a carefully thought-out schedule. That’s all well and good when you’ve got multiple products and services and multiple content authors and various opinions to go with them.


But the best blogs aren’t churned out every Thursday at 2PM like clockwork.


You shouldn't be stressing out that you haven’t written a blog lately (I speak from experience here). It’s not a TPS report or your annual review. You know it’s messed up when you view writing this week’s blog with the same dread usually associated with balancing your checkbook.


Here’s the thing. I was writing bi-weekly blogs until I put myself on a bi-weekly blog schedule, like a good, efficient entrepreneur. Seems sane. Then I started fretting over about what to write about. Then I’d just churn something out. Then the blogs weren’t as good as I thought they should be. Then I was just not having fun anymore, so I didn’t want to do them. So I didn’t.


When the content is there, when you have something to say, and when you can say it in a way that entertains, engages, or inspires debate, go for it. Have fun. Even if that means you only blog every 3 months. And when you’re not writing new ones, share the old ones. Existing content has no expiration date. And dude. Adele and Beyoncé only drop new albums every two years – you’ll be OK.


Today, I’m back to reading (and blogging) for fun. And I like it. Except for Catch-22, that book still depresses me.

Kwame DeRoche