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Five Things I Love(d) About #MPB2B10

Well, it’s October in Boston again, and that means only one thing – no, not the Sox playing in the series again (thank God) – I’m talking about MarketingProfs’ annual B2B Forum, affectionately called #MPB2B by those who lean the way of the hashtag. Short version? It’s a chance for marketers of every stripe to come together to learn and share ideas on every tool at our collective disposal, from data and analytics to content and even reading customers’ minds. This year was the 10th anniversary.


In short? It’s where my people are.


Now before I jump into the five things I LOVE about this event, full disclosure. As primarily a copywriter and content creator, I leaned towards those sessions. I’m fully aware of data and have written strategy on behalf of my clients, but at the end of the day, I just love to write. Second, MarketingProfs is a client, and I wouldn't even be at this show if not for my friends Nicole, Rob, Matt and Ann. That being said, let’s dig in.

5. CONTENT: Holy CRAP there’s a lot to learn here, from some amazing people. This year, we kicked it off with a gospel choir and a keynote from Andrew Davis, who FRICKIN KILLED IT. Then, the daily sessions (3 days’ worth) and the sponsors and the handouts made every cent worth it. As a marketer, as a content creator, as a B2B entrepreneur, as a guy who likes to pick the brains of like-minded people, I came away with a full and energized brain.


No matter what angle you come at marketing from,

if you didn’t learn something at #MPB2B, you must’ve been sleeping.


4. COMPETITION: Now, I’m not the MOST competitive person, but there are points awarded within the Forum’s app for checking in at sessions, tweeting about the event, and posting pictures. And last time I came, I finished in the top five. SO I HAD TO REPRESENT, Y’ALL. And I was rolling, until my nemesis and new BFF Wendy came along. All week we duked it out and I ended up in second place. And when I say duked it out, I mean, sitting two rows away from each other during sessions posting incessantly. Of the exact same stuff. BUT, because of my “app fame” as “Number Two” all week, comes #3…

If you didn’t recognize me at the event, I could be found in just about any corner of the Westin mumbling, “DAMNIT, WENDY!”


3. CAMARADERIE: First, a shoutout to my original ’14 squad, including Kris, Stephan, and April, who all welcomed me back as soon as I arrived even though I took a year off. But this year, thanks to being the #2 guy in the forum app, I had the chance to connect with a whole new squad, including Bethany, Heidi, Adrienne, Patrick, Ilana, Kristin, Erica, Ryan, Antonia, Daniel, and so many others who I got to sit next to, share meals with and just hang out when we weren’t learning – and who I can’t wait to hang out again with next year! 

For someone who’s inherently shy (though my MPB2B friends would never guess it), having the app break the ice for me was a BIG deal.

2. COCKTAILS: After show hours, the events were fun, from happy hours to the comedy club and karaoke (a full-bar rendition of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” remix was the highlight). And the food and drinks were free. BOOM.


My name is Kwame and I’ve never

turned down a free Sapphire and tonic.


1. COMING TOGETHER: Marketing people get a bad rap. Not as bad as salespeople, but not that much better. But I’ve been to fraternity conventions, trade shows, car shows, and yes, even the big Star Trek convention in Vegas, and I’ve never experienced the levels of respect, admiration, collaboration, and plain old fun that I’ve had in two years of attending this event. So if you’re down with MKG (I know you just said “yeah, you know me!”), you’d be a fool to miss out.


See you there in 2017.

Kwame DeRoche