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Recruiting Isn't Rocket Science.

Do I look like a Medical Equipment Sales professional? (This photo will make much more sense by the second to last paragraph.)

Do I look like a Medical Equipment Sales professional? (This photo will make much more sense by the second to last paragraph.)

At some point in your career, you turn a corner. You reach the point where instead of you looking for jobs, some jobs actually come looking for you. It’s a good feeling – like the day you realize that your awkward teenage phase is over.


You’re respected. You’re noticed. You’re wanted.


BUT. Then you’re dealing with recruiters.


Don’t get me wrong. Recruiters are great. I love hearing from them. Well, most recruiters are good. And some…not so good.


The problem is, the bad ones do it so badly that it casts a shadow over the great recruiters. And there are great ones. I've worked with them. 


You see, I’m fortunate enough to hear from recruiters quite often. But more than half the time, they’re hitting me up for jobs that have nothing to do with my qualifications. I’ve spent the past 20 years as a copywriter and a creative director. I’ve spent a decent part of the last 10 years as a marketing consultant, as well. It’s pretty straightforward. My LinkedIn page isn’t ambiguous. Neither is my website. But here are some of the jobs I’ve been approached with, just in the past 10 days:


·      Medical Equipment Sales

·      Project Manager

·      New Business Development Director

·      Junior Graphic Designer

·      Traffic Manager




Dear, dear recruiter. I love the attention. I honestly do. And when it’s a good opportunity, I’m pretty excited. But please take the time to actually read my information instead of skimming or using some algorithm and then sending a canned e-mail message. Rachel Nabors nailed it in her own blog a few years back. 


I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job, (yes I am), but stop trying to bring a knife to a gunfight. I mean, if I’m not a good fit – or worse, if my qualifications don’t line up at all, doesn’t that make you look bad to the person/company that you’re recruiting for?




It’s an easy fix. Do a little more homework. You’ll get more replies. You may actually place people in great jobs. And most of all, that hiring manager will want to work with you again.


But what do I know? I’m just a medical equipment selling, project managing, new business development director with zero qualifications.


Are you a recruiter? Or do you have you have your own tales of mismatched recruiting? I’d love to hear.


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