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It’s okay. It happens to everyone. You’re standing there, and everyone’s talking about the latest, greatest hot topic – that you know nothing about.  And though you’re a little clueless, you play along until you can figure it out – you know, “fake it ‘til you make it.”


But there you stand, anxious about the moment someone calls you out, frantically trying to keep up, and embarrassed to ask. It’s incredibly uncomfortable.


…and it’s exactly how you feel about content. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a lot more than embarrassing for your business. 

Sometimes ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ doesn’t work for your content marketing.

A while back, I pointed out that you probably shouldn’t be writing content on your own. And while I briefly mentioned specific examples, and the blog was well-received, most of the questions I received game down to one topic:


“What IS content?”


It never even occurred to me that someone, somewhere, might need the basics covered – much less LOTS of someones. So, what is content? Well, anything of value to your customers, clients, employees and prospects.



…Even the jelly bean jar on the receptionist’s desk can be….CONTENT.


You see, while the vast majority of content is written specifically to drive traffic or increase engagement, you’ve probably already got plenty to work with – and you’re unintentionally creating content every day. Because everything you do as a business is interesting to someone. And it doesn't always have to drive a sale or lead to a product. Some of your audience will be impressed to see that you sponsored a local Little League team, or appreciate that industry joke you retweeted. Others will be comforted that your team stays current by attending trade shows and conferences. And your audience is always interested in your opinions on industry trends.


Then what? You blog about it. You tweet it. You post it on Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. You share it on Facebook or LinkedIn. And before you know it, you’ve given your audience multiple ways to engage with you.


So whether you’re just getting started with content, or you’re looking for some additional items for those slow Twitter/Facebook days, sometimes you may not need to look further than your intranet, inbox, and break room bulletin board.


Good luck!


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Kwame DeRoche